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Hinguar Community Primary School

Hinguar Community Primary School

Workshop-Developing Our Children As Writers

Developing our children as writers Part 1 Mark Making Workshop and Part 2 Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

During these workshops parents were shown the developmental milestones of physical development in preparation for writing and explored activities that we use in school to support children's physical development. Parents took part in a dough gym routine to build upper body strength and exercise the muscles in the hands and fingers. 

The parents were shown the resources used in school to introduce letter formation and the activities that support this including shape and pattern drawing and tracing.

Parents were shown examples of how to engage boys in writing and took part in a Jedi writing session.

Parents took part in a typical handwriting session for KS2 and shown how to warm up before the handwriting activity and the structure of the programmes we use in school. How different letters join each other was modelled and terminology explained.  

During Part Two parents learnt of the end of year expectations for grammar, punctuation and spelling and how these aspects of writing are encouraged through specific lessons and childrens' writing.

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