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Hinguar Community Primary School

Hinguar Community Primary School


Primary School & Nursery

Who's Who

As a school, we encourage strong parental partnerships with our staff. We would like to remind parents that if they have a worry or concern to first make contact with their child's class teacher who will ensure they make themselves available after school during the week. For those parents who due to work or other commitments do not get the opportunity to touch base with their child's teacher on a regular basis in the playground ,  please use the following e-mail address to communicate

The following school staff are available as key contacts:

Mrs F Willis - Deputy Headteacher is available to talk to or make an appointment with through the School Office.
Mrs. White-SENCO is available to discuss matters regarding specific learning needs.
Mrs Wilson, our Learning Mentor is also available to talk to or make an appointment with through the School Office.

Staff List


Mrs V Stevens

Safeguarding, SRE ,

Creative Arts

Core & Foundation Curriculum Overview

Deputy Head teacher


 Mrs F Willis

Early Years Leadership

PE & Outdoor Learning  

Safeguarding & LAC

Core & Foundation Curriculum Overview

Teaching Staff

  Subject Leadership

Reception - Seahorse Class

Mrs N Newman

Mrs A Hawkridge

Early Years Maths

PE, Early Years Writing

Year 1 - Oyster Class

Mrs D. Oakley

Outdoor Learning, RWI, RE 

Year 2 - Seagull Class

Mrs D Mackay


Mrs Murphy                         

Geography ,  

English- Spellings

PE- Sports Reps

Year 3 - Heron Class

Mr J Cole             



Year 4 - Curlew Class

 Mrs K Smith 

  Mrs J Calvy                       


English- Handwriting

Year 5 - Sanderling Class

Mrs H Emmings


Year 6 - Avocet Class

Mrs R Ali                             

Reading, English- Writing

Nursery - Starfish Class

Mrs D Whitehead


Mrs C Brant            

Nursery Manager,            Early Years Leadership

Senior Early Years Practitioner

School SENCO

Mrs K White


Special  Needs, EAL


Learning Support Assistants

Pastoral Team

Office Staff

Mrs S Edwards

Mrs S Wilson

Mrs T Coe Finance 

Mrs R Bowser

Mrs. K White

Mrs Cope

Mrs L Hardy


Mrs C Grennan Admin

Mrs P Penny


Mrs D Rawlings

Extendables Club

Midday Assistants

Mrs K Neale

Mrs. S Allen

Mrs L Hardy

Mrs T Loe

Mrs P Penny

Mrs K Neale

Mrs S Allen


Mrs J Durrant

Miss E Fulford

Catering Staff    

Mrs A Watts

Mrs L Hardy

Mrs S Brierley

Mrs K Foulkes

Mrs T Tarling

Mrs L Hilliar

Mrs  B Merton 

Mrs B Merton



Mrs A Watts



Play Therapist  


Mrs. J Kent