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Hinguar Community Primary School

Hinguar Community Primary School

Workshop Information Spring Term

We organise workshops to provide further information about the work and learning in our school to give insights into how parents can support their child's learning at home. For those parents who are unable to make our workshops, information from the workshops can be found and downloaded below for the following:

The Four Rules – Key Stage 2 – Part 2- 10th February

Parents were introduced to the formal methods that are taught in school to teach the four rules.  Parents were shown how to use column multiplication, column subtraction, column addition and bus stop division. For further information on calculation please click on our Calculations Policy below.

New Times Tables Challenge Workshop- 13th February

Parents were introduced to the recently revised times table challenge. The new times tables challenge has increased in difficulty and in line with the new national curriculum. The children work only within their year group band, and if they complete their gold timetables challenge their will be extended using a platinum and diamond challenge. These are 2 and 3 step problems that allow the children to demonstrate the deepening of their knowledge within their year group expectations.

The school shared some different ideas on how to practise timetables, for example, roll two dice and multiply the numbers together, to use a deck of cards select two cards and multiply them together.

We ended the session with a game of bingo. Six numbers were chosen and written in a bingo grid.  Two dice were rolled and the two teams raced to cross off a number on the grid. The numbers could be found by using any operation, including squared numbers and square roots. The first team to create a line across the board won.

Workshop - Developing our Children As Mathematicians Part 3 -24th February

At the maths workshop we explored some practical maths activities that are taught in the classroom and discussed practical maths games and activities that we could also link to real life situations e.g. shopping, spending pocket money, train and bus timetables etc

Practical Ideas for teaching the four rules – KS2 Part 4 - 2nd March

Parents were introduced to a range of websites, including:

and given a selection of resources and examples of games which they can play at home with their children.

The key message was timetables are vital! (Did you know you can buy 12 sided dice, which are perfect for playing games when learning times tables)

Also it is important children understand numbers – they can investigate a number, seek to find number patterns (a way for doing this is looking at the patterns with a deck of cards) and understand the make-up of larger numbers.

Developing the 'I Can' Attitude- Wednesday 16th March

This workshop focused on discussing the latest approaches to MindSet and ways to help support children in new ways of thinking in developing their potential.