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Creative Journal Project

On Monday 4th July the children attended a special assembly focused on creative thinking. Mrs. Thomas led the assembly and shared with the children a powerpoint on creative thinking and how through creative ideas inventions, discoveries and big ideas are made true throughout mankinds' history. Please look at the powerpoint below.

Following the assembly all the children received their own Creative Journal to record, develop their own creative ideas.Mrs. Oanes, Mrs. Long, Mrs. Payne and Mrs. Long met with the children and did a further Q&A helping the children to start to plan their ideas. Your child will be bringing this Creative Journal home over the summer holidays and  inside the Creative Journal you will be able to read some of the ideas your child can try during the summer holidays.

We hope your child enjoys the creative challenge and eagerly returns their Creative Journal in September to share with their friends and Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Oanes, Mrs. Long, Mrs. Payne and Mrs. Long.