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Next Steps Ahead

Next 3 Years

We are very excited about building on the success of the past few years. We would like to strengthen our links with other arts organisations and create pathways with drama departments in our surrounding senior schools making the transition in year 6 and the ability for children to continue to learn about the arts in their new school both an easy and enjoyable experience.

It is also our intention to provide further arts based activities that link to current cultural and national events, improve our 'art' offering, increase theatre visits, strengthen the whole school approach to delivering arts based activities, create greater cross curricular opportunities, introduce media/ technology exposure and provide more opportunities for our children to self evaluate their own work. We also would like to improve the visual arts presence in the school by creating a central ' arts' board and displaying images of art around the school.

We will also seek opportunities for our children to perform to 'out of school' audiences!