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Our Curriculum

Curriculum Organisation

The delivery of the curriculum is based on your child’s own class: most subjects and skills are taught by the class teacher. There are discrete schemes of work that are specific to year groups to ensure progression and continuity of the development of explicit age-related skills so as to support the application of their knowledge, understanding  and skills learnt, in new contexts or subjects.

A two–year cycle

However, many of the topics we’ve planned are shared across two ‘partner classes’ in school – Years 1 and 2, Years 3 and 4 and Years 5 and 6.  This means greater opportunities for:

  • Team teaching, sharing of subject specialism
  • Classes learning together -peer learning and mentoring
  • Effective use of resources and time
  • Purposeful and deeper learning

To share topics and avoid repeating them each year, we operate a two-year rolling programme of topics, with some topics in ‘Year A’, some in ‘Year B’.

Whole-school topics

Hinguar Primary is very much a learning community. This lends itself to supporting and sharing in so many ways, from playing to learning. To build on this, we’ve planned some topics under the same heading for everyone, from Year 1 to Year 6. This doesn’t mean children will learn the same skills or content regardless of their age, but does mean that children can support each other and share what they’ve learnt with each other more easily.


The majority of our topics will be launched at the beginning of each term and may start with a WOW starter and end with a Fantastic Finish at the end of the term. However, timings of a topic will be dependent on how the learning content has been organised and short topics may also be experienced during a term allowing flexibility in learning and interest. Furthermore whilst the core subjects are taught on a regular basis the foundation subjects may be taught as blocks of work over a matter of weeks or over the academic year.