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Range of Offer

Range of offer-We have created a solid foundation of regular performing arts events within the curriculum and are continually looking for ways to expand and develop these.

Skill based curricular lessons-Each child has access to dance and drama classes throughout the academic year - during these sessions children will be exposed to a wide range of skills and techniques that are essential to the performing arts but that also aim to improve personal and social skills. Depending on the term and the year group the objectives to these sessions will vary but the focus on improving skills such as improved teamwork, resilience, perseverance, raising self-esteem and helping to maintain and improve confidence remains the same.

Extra Curricular Workshops-Throughout the academic year we offer 30 extra-curricular workshops, currently these are being offered to KS2 with the intent of offering children the opportunity to broaden and fine tune the skills they are learning during the curriculum. These sessions are open to both boys and girls in years 2,3,4,5 and 6 on Thursday’s between 3.30-5.00pm. The cost of these workshops are £50 per term.

Each term has a different focus but children will gain maximum benefit from participating in all 3 terms

  • Autumn term - skills and techniques
  • Spring term - performance skills
  • Summer term – a ‘showcase’ which will be performed at the end of the term and parents, family and friends are invited to.

Application forms and further information can be obtained from the school office or by calling Steps Ahead directly on 01702 295417.

Dance Festival-Each year a whole class is given the opportunity to participate in the annual dance festival. We feel passionate that this is an all inclusive event to which children of all levels experience the joy of performing to an audience and working together as a team to achieve a positive end result. We have previously been asked back to perform our dance as the organisers were so impressed with the standard of the children.

Drama Festival-In KS2 children who demonstrate an enthusiasm and talent for acting as well as a commitment and dedication to attend regular rehearsals will be given the opportunity to enter into the Southend and Leigh drama festivals. These events are adjudicated and children are given feedback on their performance. We have been delighted with the response we have received from these festivals with all of our performances gaining first or second place.

Productions-Throughout the year all children will participate in a production. During these times it is very encouraging to witness a positive buzz and a fantastic chance for the children to showcase the skills they have been learning. We are very fortunate to be able to present these productions in Hinguar's modern school hall which has purpose built seating to ensure the audience gets a fantastic view.

1 to1- We closely observe individual progress of all the children during each term and for those who are demonstrating an exceptional standard we will notify parents. These children will be given an option to attend our one to one sessions. These take place before school and are a 30 minute focused session working on a set monologue. These sessions are at a charge and are payable to the school office.

Skill specific - focused group work-Throughout the year we regularly offer students the option to attend workshops in smaller groups to capture a specific learning outcome. These might range from sessions to support children with low self-esteem, singing workshops through to gifted and talented provision.

Teacher training - CPD- Steps Ahead work closely with the staff at Hinguar Primary School - this has been mutually advantageous relationship. Not all teachers feel comfortable delivering performing arts based lessons - it is the intention that by observing lessons of this nature, teachers will feel more confident to deliver this subject within their own classroom. It also allows us to be much more aware of children's individual needs and requirements when in constant communication with the staff at the school.

Cluster Days-We believe in supporting the school to nurture and develop links to their cluster schools and that of the wider community. We have provided performing arts days at the Hinguar Primary School to which we have invited neighbouring schools to attend. These have been very well attended and positively received. We have also offered extra curricular workshops to children in year 7,8 and 9.

Pupil Led-Some of the additional performing arts activities that take place are pupil led enabling children to make their own choices as to what appears on the timetable. The annual ' Hinguar Has Got Talent' is an example of this. It is essential that children explore their own avenues of learning especially in a creative subject like the arts.